Author: Wright, Elaine.

Wright, Elaine. Look of the Book : Manuscript Production in Shiraz, 1303-1452.


Wright, Elaine. Look of the Book : Manuscript Production in Shiraz, 1303-1452. Freer Gallery of Art 2012  Hardcover in DJ Very Good/Very Good Unused Quarto 399 pp


“Book assesses the role of the city of Shiraz in Iranian book production between the early fourteenth and mid-fifteenth centuries. It is the first detailed analysis of all aspects of the book – illumination, codicology, illustration, calligraphy, and binding – during this significant era when the look of the book was transformed. Four periods of change are identified: the years following 1340 until the end of Injuid rule in Shiraz; the later 1350s and the 1360s, during Muzaffarid rule; the years from 1409 to 1415, when the Timurid prince Iskandar Sultan was governor of Shiraz; and the decade (1435-45) following the death of Ibrahim Sultan, Iskandar’s cousin and successor as governor. Although the focus is Shiraz, the author’s comparative and chronological approach to the material means production elsewhere in Iran is also considered, while the results of the study increase our understanding of the history and development of the arts of the book not only in Shiraz, or even Iran as whole, but also in other centers of the Islamic world that followed the Iranian model. Highlights of this book, which is heavily illustrated with exquisite illuminated manuscript pages, are its examination of illumination, an overlooked area of book production; the codicological aspects of the manuscripts, including paper and text layout; and the development of nasta’liq script. “

Book Details

Publisher: Freer Gallery of Art (Date: 2012 )

Size: Quarto

Pages: 399 pp

Condition: Hardcover in DJ Very Good/Very Good Unused