Eastern / Middle Eastern History

Pratapaditya Pal. Tibetan Paintings : A Study of Tibetan Thankas, 11th-19th Centuries.

by Pratapaditya Pal.

$ 35.00

Pratapaditya Pal. Tibetan Paintings : A Study of Tibetan Thankas, 11th-19th Centuries. Art Media Resources 2000  Hardcover in DJ. Like New/Like New Unused  Quarto 223 pp

“Pratapaditya Pal is an Indian scholar of Southeast Asian and Himalayan art and culture, specializing particularly in the history of art of India, Nepal and Tibet. He has served as a curator of South Asian art at several prominent US museums….” Wikipedia

Wright, Elaine. Look of the Book : Manuscript Production in Shiraz, 1303-1452.

by Wright, Elaine.

$ 45.00

“Book assesses the role of the city of Shiraz in Iranian book production between the early fourteenth and mid-fifteenth centuries. It is the first detailed analysis of all aspects of the book – illumination, codicology, illustration, calligraphy, and binding – during this significant era when the look of the book was transformed. Four periods of change are identified: the years following 1340 until the end of Injuid rule in Shiraz; the later 1350s and the 1360s, during Muzaffarid rule; the years from 1409 to 1415, when the Timurid prince Iskandar Sultan was governor of Shiraz; and the decade (1435-45) following the death of Ibrahim Sultan, Iskandar’s cousin and successor as governor. Although the focus is Shiraz, the author’s comparative and chronological approach to the material means production elsewhere in Iran is also considered, while the results of the study increase our understanding of the history and development of the arts of the book not only in Shiraz, or even Iran as whole, but also in other centers of the Islamic world that followed the Iranian model. Highlights of this book, which is heavily illustrated with exquisite illuminated manuscript pages, are its examination of illumination, an overlooked area of book production; the codicological aspects of the manuscripts, including paper and text layout; and the development of nasta’liq script. “


Dien, M Izzi. Theory and Practice of Market Law in Medieval Islam.

by Dien, M Izzi.

$ 37.00
“This book represents an explanation of the institution of hisba in medieval Islam, through one of the most used texts in the field. It includes a thorough translation of the text, written by a practising muhtasib, scholar and judge, together with accompanying biographical and bibliographical notes.”

Wang, Guojun. Staging Personhood : Costuming in Early Qing Drama.

by Wang, Guojun.

$ 42.00


“Staging Personhood uncovers a hidden history of the Ming-Qing transition by exploring what it meant for the clothing of a deposed dynasty to survive onstage. Reading dramatic texts and performances against Qing sartorial regulations, Guojun Wang offers an interdisciplinary lens on the entanglements between Chinese drama and nascent Manchu rule.”


Desheng Hu. A Treasury of Ming and Qing Dynasty Palace Furniture.

by Desheng Hu.

$ 165.00

“This two-volume set is an important publication in the study of furniture from the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) in Beijing. Through 30 years of work and research in the Palace Museum, furniture specialist and author Hu Desheng has selected 455 of the most outstanding pieces (or sets) of furniture, illustrated in these volumes in high-quality color photographs.

Chapters 1, 2 and 3 introduce the origins, styles and types of furniture from the Ming and Qing palaces, providing a solid overview and background to the collection; while Chapters 4 through 7 analyze and illustrate the structure and form, detail and decorative work, patterns and motifs, and materials used in making the furniture, allowing the reader to explore the pieces in more detail and depth.

Chapters 8 and 9 comprise the culmination of this study, showing representative pieces and sets of furniture, as well as exploring the arrangement and use of the furniture, allowing the reader to appreciate the pieces in their original context.

The breathtaking pieces, scholarly insight and abundant information contained within this set make it of great value to any enthusiast, collector or researcher of Chinese furniture.”


Marks, Henry. Byzantine Cuisine.

by Marks, Henry.

$ 47.00
Marks, Henry. Byzantine Cuisine. 2021 Brand new Comb-bound softcover. Unused Octavo @460 pp Reprint of 2002 edition
” Drawing on many sources, Marks gives us a look at the types of food consumed in the Empire and the herbs and spices used for seasoning, the cooking methods used, the customs and behavior to be maintained during a meal, and the types of cutlery, dishware, serving pieces, and furniture commonly in use.”

Phillips, Jonathan. The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin.

by Phillips, Jonathan.

$ 27.00

Phillips, Jonathan. The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin. Yale University Press 2019  Hardcover in DJ Like New/Like New Unused Octavo 478 pp

“When Saladin recaptured Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187, returning the Holy City to Islamic rule for the first time in almost ninety years, he sent shockwaves throughout Christian Europe and the Muslim Near East that reverberate today.

It was the culmination of a supremely exciting life, fraught with challenges and contradictions but blessed occasionally with marvellous good fortune. Born into a significant Kurdish family in northern Iraq, Saladin shot to power in faraway Egypt thanks to the tutelage of his uncle. Over two decades, this warrior and diplomat fought under the banner of jihad, but at the same time worked tirelessly to build an immense dynastic empire that stretched from North Africa to Western Iraq. Gathering together a turbulent and diverse coalition he was able to capture Jerusalem, only to trigger the Third Crusade and face his greatest adversary, King Richard the Lionheart.” GoodReads


King. Mathematical Astronomy in Medieval Yemen.

by David A. King.

$ 20.00

David A. King. Mathematical Astronomy in Medieval Yemen. Undena Publications. 1983. Soft cover/like new. Quarto. 98pp.


King. A Survey of the Scientific Manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library.

by David A. King

$ 30.00

David A. King. A Survey of the Scientific Manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library. Eisenbrauns. 1986. Soft cover/like new. Quarto. 331pp.


Schmidt. Japanese Ornament.

by Clara Schmidt.

$ 12.00

Clara Schmidt. Japanese Ornament. L’Aventurine. 2007. Soft cover/like new. Octavo. 126pp.

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