Author: Peter Johnson.

Johnson. Romano-British Mosaics Vol. 25


“This book is a concise introduction to the floor mosaics of Roman Britain. It first chronicles the history of mosaic discovery in Britain and discusses the changing attitudes towards mosaics, no longer considered merely art objects but social documents. It deals with the different periods of mosaic laying from the first-century pavements at Fishbourne, of Italian craftsmanship, to the Hadrianic and Antonine periods, when mosaic was first established in the towns. It traces the apparent collapse of the craft in the third century and the remarkable fourth-century revival, when many villas were decorated with sophisticated mosaics, and it examines the probable techniques of the Roman mosaicist by reference to both literary and archaeological evidence. A chapter deals with the recording, conservation and research of mosaics, and a list of sites where mosaics can be seen includes comments on items of outstanding interest. Mosaics are illustrated by photographs and distribution maps show the fourth-century schools of mosaic. “


Peter Johnson. Romano-British Mosaics Vol. 25 Shire Archaeology 1995. Softcover. Very Good Unused. Octavo 72 pp

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Publisher: Shire Archaeology (Date: 1995. )

Size: Octavo

Pages: 72 pp

Condition: Softcover. Very Good Unused.