American Civil War

History of Ricketts’ Battery – Battery F, 1st PA Light Artillery

by Dr. Richard A. Sauers & Peter Tomasak

$ 20

A “new” history of Battery F, 1st PA Light Artillery.

There was no original history of the battery written by any of the veterans. As far as a regimental history goes – this one is as solid as any written. Well illustrated with portraits and maps, and indexed.


Immortal Captives – 600 Confederate Officers and the US PoW Policy

by Mauriel Phillips Joslyn

$ 20

In 1864, a number of Union prisoners were used as human shields in Charelston, SC. In retaliation, a number of Confederate prisoners were placed on Morris Island, SC, to deter Confederate shelling. Those officers became known as “The Immoral 600”


History of the First New York “Lincoln” Cavalry

by WIlliam H. Beach, 1st Lt.

$ 50

The First New York Cavalry was recruited in 1861 and served for the entire Civil War. They served in the East, and spent time in the Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia areas.


Civil War Memoir of Philip Dangerfield Stephenson

by Edited by Nathaniel Hughes, Jr.

$ 20

Memoirs of a Confederate Soldier who served  with the 13th Arkansas Infantry and the 5th Company of the famed Washington Artillery.

(First Edition)  reprinted by LSU Press in 1998

“This book is recommended as a picture of service in the Army of Tennessee, penned by a veteran of unusual intelligence, sensitivity, and literary ability.”


Confederate Guns of Navarro County

by John W. Sprenger

$ 30

The history of some of the men from Navarro County, Texas,
and their service to the Confederate Army.

They were part of Hood’s Texas Brigade, A.N.V.

This is a signed and numbered edition, limited to 500 copies.
This is copy number 440.


History of the 83rd Regiment, PA Volunteers

by Captain Amos Judson

$ 25

History of the 83rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers,
a facsimile reprint of the ca. 1866 original edition.

Written right after the war, the accounts of the service of these Pennsylvanians was still very fresh in Captain Judson’s mind.

Nevins Civil War Book Review states :
“Its slimness notwithstanding, this is one of the better regimental histories that appeared immediately after the war; author recounts many experiences of regimental members during the campaigns in the East.”


Lund. Whaling Masters and Whaling Voyages Sailing from American Ports. A Compilation of Sources.

by Judith Navas Lund.

$ 50.00

Judith Navas Lund. Whaling Masters and Whaling Voyages Sailing from American Ports. A Compilation of Sources. New Bedford Whaling Museum, Kendall Whaling Museum, Ten Pound Island Book Co 2001. Auburn colored cloth hardcover with gold lettering. Quarto 741 pp

First part is listed by name of Master, Vessel Name, Rig, Hailing Port, Depart, Return, Logbook location, Sources. Second part of book is listed by Vessel Name, Rig, Depart, Return, Master, Logbook Location and Sources. Number of Entries for Ports and Years Spanned. Sources. Bibiliography


Ohio Memorials at Gettysburg

by Ohio Monument Commission

$ 20

1998 Reprint of the 1887 Original